Lillian Bidal

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Lillian Bidal
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-68155
International Standard Book Number (ISBN#): 0-9646793-3-7

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The Run of The Elk  is a hard cover, 8 x 10 inch, 180 page book containing 39 photographs, color map and illustrations, a preface, acknowledgments, a bibliography, and end notes.

This biography of Angie Lydia Hendrix Cleve that profiles the difficulties and triumphs one woman faced during her journey through life on the western frontier is now available for purchase.

Orders will be received in writing at the foundation office at 5835 Cromo Drive, Suite 1, E1 Paso, Texas, 79912-5501 (P. O. Box 220599, E1 Paso, Texas 79913-2599) or by - Phone (915) 581-4025; Fax (915) 833-3714 and E-mail. Books will also be available at Barnes & Noble in El Paso, Texas or by special order.  Any profits which may be derived from the sale of this book will become assets of the Foundation.

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